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What is Target thinking?

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Look at the attached photo. I'm aware that models are used in advertising, but what is the purpose of showing a nearly naked girl (probably around 9 years of age)? They trying to appeal to the sexual predator demographic for their sales or something?


I mean really, what is the point of using such a young kid for their in-store advertising? I agree that it's not a perfect solution to use an adult woman (even just barely 18) to sell based on her sex appeal, but at least they are grown women and not offering up the idea of looking at little children.


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Whatever they are thinking is working.

Not only have you spent time deliberating over it, but you have subconsciously advertised their store.

Sure its outrageous, but now its in mind.



Later on today when we need a drink one store will be at the forefront of our minds.



Well not mine since we dont have target haha but y'knoww

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