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[PO]This is really weird but funny

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So a guy is walking thru the park on his lunch break from his job at the local attorney's office. The man, Thomas Brownlee, walks past a man hugging a tree with his ear to the tree. "May I ask you a question sir?" Brownlee asks.

"Of course you may," the tree hugger reponded quickly.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

"Why, you never listen to the music of the tree's?" The man answered.

Brownlee looking at the man in confusion says, "No. I'm a tree hugger!"

"Well, why don't you try it," the man began smarting off to Brownlee. So agreeing Brownlee wraps his arms around the tall trunk of the tree and pressed his ears up to it. The man then handcuffs Brownlee's aroms aroudn the tree and strips him naked steals everything he had on him.

A few moments later another younger looking man walked by and asks Brownlee why he was tied to a tree. "Some guy was hugging a tree and told me to try it. He handcuffed me and stole everything i had on me," Brownlee explains.

The young man walks behind Brownlee, kisses him behind the ear and whispers, "This just ain't your day cupcake."

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