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Someone recently commented to me that one of the jokes on here was a bit offensive to them. Now while trying to not censor things too much, there is the need for sensitivity, so as I need them I will make a few prefixes to help people either look for to read, or try to avoid certain jokes.



So here's the list...

  • [PO] Potentially Offensive
  • [sX] Content is sexual, has implied sex or makes reference to sex.

Only one so far but I'll add onto it as needed.

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Good idea B) Tough being an admin huh? Nothing the Wolf can't handle though.


Thought just came to me - should this apply to any games that might be posted as well?

'In My Panties' isn't meant to be sexual, but depending on what's in front of the phrase, it's possible that it might be thought of as such. B)

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