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  1. 1. Which do you use and want to keep? (please read topic first)

    • N*Arcade
    • N*Casino
    • N*Groups
    • N*Pages
    • N*Photohost
    • N*Wiki
  2. 2. Which would you like to see and that you would use?

    • N*Blogs
    • N*Gallery

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Important: Once you vote, you may not change your vote. Please vote carefully.



Question #1: Which do you use and want to keep?


The features listed are ones that are currently installed on the site. Please check each N*Raged feature that you use or, on a scale of 1 to 5, are at a 4 or 5 on planning to use it. Keep in mind that just because a feature doesn't get votes, it doesn't exactly mean that it will be removed. This is to get a feel on what type of features N*Members like.


N*Arcade - Arcade system for playing games

N*Casino - Requires N*Bucks. Similar to N*Arcade except designed for casino style games

N*Groups - Allows members to form groups for just about any purpose

N*Pages - Allows members to have a user page

N*Photohost - Like imageshack, hosts your photos for you

N*Wiki - This sites Wikipedia




Question #2: Which would you like to see and that you would use?


N*Blogs - Blogs/Journal system

N*Gallery - Photo gallery - imagine Imageshack on steroids






Remember, if you have any suggestions, concerns or problems, you can go to N*Support about it. You should also check it out to see if others have suggestions, concerns or problems that may affect or interest you.

Click here to visit.

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