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[SX]Red Tomatoes

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A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get

her tomatoes to turn red.

One day, while taking a stroll, she came upon a gentleman neighbor

who had the most beautiful garden full of huge red tomatoes.

The woman asked the gentlemen,

"What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?"


The gentlemen responded, "Well, twice a day I stand in front of my

tomato garden naked in my trench coat and flash.

My tomatoes turn red from blushing so much."


Well, the woman was so impressed; she decided to try doing the

same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would work.


So twice a day for two weeks she flashed her garden hoping

for the best.

One day the gentleman was passing by and asked the woman,

"By the way, how did you make out?

Did your tomatoes turn red?"

No", she replied, "but my cucumbers are enormous."

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