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What Annoys You Most?

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people saying my name wrong. it's eve-uh. i just about smack people when they repeatedly say it wrong. makes me want to scream.

i also can't stand when people say "that's gay" or "that's retarded," especially when they're people who insist they stand up for people who aren't "normal."

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babys..dude they sit there in just stare at you and won't take there eyes off of you. it annoys the crap out of me. then later they will cry for no reason, then not even a second later, there fine for like a minute or so, then they cry, and it keeps going and going.


people smacking there gum.


when i see a dude and a chick just starting to go out, 1st day there already saying they love each other.


when people play there rap music loud in there cars..but then again i turn up my metal and it blows there weak bass system away.

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