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Trends are so stupid. Right now in our school, all the 'cool' people have 'Just Do it' bags. They're like really small, and cost a lot. If you don't wear your skirt really short, your a loser. So in their eyes i'm an unpopular loser. Nice B) If you buy from a certain clothes shop you're thought of as a cheap tramp. If you do not swear all the time, you're a weirdo.

Bottom line is I hate trends. Everyone thinks I suck because I don't follow the them, lovely.. B)

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Lol, good one, but they'd probably be like "What?!" then go to their friends and be like,"Omg she's being rude to me.." then everyone will come to me like, "Why were you rude to her?"

I guess I could think of some answers.. hmm..

Just be honest. "She insulted me so I insulted her back, not my fault that she can't stand the taste of her own medicine."


Next up, just tell them flat out that how they treat you is how you'll treat them. If they want respect from you, then they will NOT disrespect you. If they have a problem with that, then that's their problem, not yours. (Let them know that to. If they don't like that, then tell them to not be rude to you and there won't be any problems. Gives them an easy way to avoid problems they can't handle.)



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