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The people next door are parents of like 4 kids and they're always fighting. You can hear them stomping and their baby cries loads in the night, then she starts shouting at it.

I got used to it, but it gets so annoying when you're trying to sleep. B)


I have the exact same problem. Except there's some baby screaming all day..and all night. We cant even sleep through it. It makes me so mad.

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i run if i see the man who lives next door. he scares the shit out of me. once he even tried to discipline me for "driving too fast." i'd like to know what he considers driving to fast for his SON who has a nice habit of wrecking cars... i guess it wouldn't have bothered me so much if 1. i'm one of the most law abiding drivers i know. i drive slower than just about every one but some really old fogies and my mom.. on our road i never go faster than 20. that'd just be ridiculous, and 2. he was complaining about how parked up the street was... when it was all his doing. this man lives in a house with just his son, but they own at least 5 vehicles and constantly have people visiting. it's very rare to drive down the street and not see at least one car parked in the road in front of their home.

he also seems really shady.. like he tries to make goody goody with all the neighbors (we live mostly around older people) by mowing their lawns or selling one of his 500 cars to their grandchildren, but it's too good to be true. i'm secretly hoping his house will blow up from the meth lab he's hiding in there and his true being will be revealed to the world.. without damaging my house, of course.

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Our neighbor is evil dude.Anytime I've had the 'honor' of talking to him,he's been a major jerk."I'm glad that's not my yard.I actually enjoy the beauty of the outdoors"-Him when my dog went to the bathroom once. Nice...

Find someone who would be willing to say something in front of him, like "Your yard looks so nice (insert some b.s. reason here that sounds legit)." and then when he approaches and invites them to look at his yard, some reason to put it down. If it looks all beautiful and stuff, be like "it looks too busy, too much there, I don't like it" or if it's not as well kept as he thinks, use that against him.


I'm sure a comment or two that make him feel like he hasn't impressed people will rattle his nerves some.

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What if he gets aggresive?

Define aggressive. If you mean hostile, then if he starts shouting out threats or profanities, call the cops and he'll quickly realize that he crossed the line. If he assaults someone for it, then that's jail time buddy.




So he'll blow it off, take it in stride, or lose his temper and learn that he can be controlled by those that he looks down his nose at.

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