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Fast Food Restaurants

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I looove taco bell!

I used to think the same until subway arrived and I learned alot about them misleading you into thinking its the "healthier option" when really it's not.

More variety would be nice but I want healthy foodplaces who sell stew and baked potato haha!

or I should just, as billy says, "eat at HOME!!!!"

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i hate how lazy the world is becoming
I'm not lazy, I just feel that I shouldn't have to do anything because everything should be automatically done for me.




it's just sad how set we are on getting instant gratification.. no one wants to work for anything, and we want everything at the push of a button.
At the push of a button? OMG, are you nuts? Why should I have to push a button to get what I want?





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B) It sucks we don't get some of the fast food restaurants that people in the USA do.

We don't have taco bell or Wendys B) Thats the reason I have never in my life eaten a taco!

Be happy you don't have those.


Those fast food places are just two of the many reasons why 30% of Americans are obese.

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