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Just a thought Wolfie - would you consider making a private group at some point in the future for 18+ members?


Ranting without extreme vulgarities is fine - especially with youngins around, but perhaps the adults might like a place where they can have a little more freedom with their vocabulary and discuss things that are on their minds that might be deemed inappropriate for the younger members. It would be a good place to put those possibly offensive/sexually oriented jokes and it would probably only require light moderating (just keep an eye out for personal attacks, advertising, etc.). When the 18- members reach 18, they can request to join the group if they want.


Well, I hope some other adults will add their input either way.

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Not that I'm saying "no" to that idea, just giving a list of problems:

  • The word filter would still apply. It applies to all forums, so filtered words would still be filtered.
  • How would I know for a fact that someone is 18+? They could claim to be and even act like it, but could still be 17. If you include 17 year olds (hey they're practically 18), then that would basically turn it into NC17, at which point, there could be 16 year olds that would be like "Hey I'm practically 17".
  • There are some 18+ that aren't mature enough to handle 18+ topics. On the other hand, there are some 15+ that are more than mature and intelligent enough to handle it. I'm sure the obvious sticks out on this one.
  • Each person would have to be added manually, making it more work.
  • Potentially offensive jokes would still be potentially offensive. The point of adding PO is to warn the reader before they read it. If they choose to read it and then get offended, their fault.
  • Not enough members to make it worth the effort as of yet.

There are other reasons, but I need to bail for now.


One idea you might think about though. Make an adult's only N*Group. B)

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I know, I ran into all that stuff on my other forum (now retired). It's impossible to verify age without demanding a copy of ID or using a credit card - but even then, it's the Net so the person could be lying about their identity. And yeah, the teens that are very intelligent or almost adults would present a problem.


Don't you kind of add people manually to the ToonTown group (by approval)? It's not much different.


As for the PO & SX - by joining an adult group (or section) that potentially offended person would have to be a little dense if they thought an adult place was going to be free of things like that. And they can be warned in the description. If they join the group, then it's on them (exactly what you said - their fault).


N*Adults, hehe. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. B) I see that I can create a group, but I wanted to run something like that by you first and maybe get some input from the other adult members here.

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Don't you kind of add people manually to the ToonTown group (by approval)? It's not much different.

Sort of, but it's more where you would simply approve/deny those who apply to be members. You could also select to have it create a forum which would then allow only members to view and post to it (as well as site staff members).


I don't think the announcements nor the memberlist would be private though, so keep that in mind if you were to decide to approve someone you know (or think) isn't old enough to be part of the group, because others might fuss about that, despite the fact that the group leader gets to decide who joins or not.




N*Adults, hehe. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. B) I see that I can create a group, but I wanted to run something like that by you first and maybe get some input from the other adult members here.

Interesting naming concept there... http://www.n-raged.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif


If you decide to alter it some where it wouldn't be strictly age based, but more maturity based, you could call it N*Mature.. Has a certain ironic ring to it. At least then, you could selectively include those under 18 or exclude those 18+ with the disclaimer that it's not age based. But as I mentioned above, even with age based, it's still up to the group leader on who to approve/deny access to.

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You guys suck.




That's just cause your a youngin' B)


This is all just an evil plot to keep me away.


yep yep.


Not at all.


TTC makes me feel like I'm in Kindergarten and Wolfie's board is like my new board - except he didn't have a private adult section.


You are welcome to join in...when you're 18 B) lol


How many more years is that - 2? In the meantime, don't get yourself banned, hehe.



Well currently, it's you and fluffyrat. However, after you get a few members, you might ask her if she would rather someone else be a co-leader instead.


So now, you just need to encourage others to join up. :(


Oooh! Ok, I'll do that.


I see you are quite enthusiastic about this idea lol I guess you don't need to add yourself to the group since you have all possible permissions and can see the private forum whether you want to or not - is that correct? (Have to ask that because this forum is rather different from mine).


I'm actually liking your idea about making it "N*Mature" but, I don't want people being offended if I deny access based on my opinion about their maturity level. So for now, to be fair, I think it's best to keep it at 'under 18 - no admittance'.

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Yeah, two more years. Wolfie will ban me by then lol.


I would go to TTC, but I got a perma ban 4 months ago lmao.


Aww man, I was wondering why I haven't seen you around.


Behave on N*Raged B) lol




Now to address the adults that are hopefully reading this:


The group forum is set up - so if you're interested in joining, please feel free to go to N*Groups and join B)

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I saw a lot of your posts. I think. lol.


You had that purple bunny avatar I think....


But wait, how did you know who I was. DID WOLF LET THE CAT OUTTA THE BAG?


Yep, that was moi. You even replied a few times lol


Don't let Wolfie fool you - I guessed who you are because I'm good like that. B) I have a pretty long memory B)


- I know that you are a Phillies fan

- I know that your name is Amanda

- I know that you are friends with Wolfie (saw you on Mischief Knight during his building experiment in TTC - lol)

- I know that you like rock music





What do you think ppl talk about in high school ehh?


I'm not surprised - cripe, it wasn't that long ago that I was in school!


The purpose of an adult place is to have adult conversations - whether they be about er 'buttsecks' or anything that adults would feel more comfortable talking about in the company of other adults.


As Wolfie said earlier in the thread, there are many people under 18 that are very mature and wouldn't have a problem with adult conversations.


But, as I said, I don't think it would be fair to approve/deny access to this group based on what I think people's maturity levels are. I can see the resentment now. However, I can't help how old you are. I'm not completely barring anyone from joining the group - if you're still hanging around these forums when you legally become an adult, by all means, join!

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