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So I was washing diapers earlier. Toss them in the wash, throw in detergent, turn it on and wait, right? Well...yes, that's the way it went...until I pulled the diapers out to make sure there were no spots left and...to my dismay, they were PINK! I didn't even know it, but there was a red rag in the washing machine before I put the diapers in. If I'd seen it I certainly would have pulled it out b/c these rags are awful, and no matter how many times they get washed they'll NEVER stop bleeding. So, now I feel like a fool. You're not supposed to bleach diapers because it can weaken the fibers but...I did anyway. One time won't hurt I'm sure. So, now I have very light pink diapers and somehow the velcro got turned YELLOW! I just can't win! LOL I gave up, he'll have pink and yellow diapers.
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So I take it you use clothe diapers on him ....... :D so very old school.


I can't believe you called me old school. LOL! Yes, I use clothies. No diaper rash for my guy. (Except when I use disposables for outings and such) It's not the cloth like our grandparents used. These look like disposables. They're shaped and close w/ velcro and everything. They're awesome! Just have to wash them. And it saves LOADS of money. It beats the heck out of $10/bag for Huggies.

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