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poopie pants.


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Let's fill in some details.


In a room, someone was allowed to offend me. But then when it's obvious that I'll have to deal with it, instead of the owner of the room, I'm the one who gets access removed.


I have people who have seen me turn bad kids good. I know how to use the power to keep order. There are a few on this board that can actually vouch for that from years of experience.


But now you'll never know, since you didn't decide to trust my judgment.

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trusting judgment and letting someone run YOUR room the way THEY feel it should be run are different things. if i wanted you to run it your way, i would let you. i want it run my way, hence it is MY ROOM.

it's not my fault that you're power hungry.

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so lemme get this straight. you guys were in a chat room made by eva and somebody said something to somebody and then wolfie gets kicked out and wolfie wanted to run it his way but it's not his chat room so he just needs to shut the hell up?
What it is, is something that without the details, you cannot form a valid opinion about. Reason I didn't provide details in my reply is because it's obvious that Eva didn't want to go into detail, so I respected that decision. She did make use of the site though to gripe. :)
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