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you will probably not get a break anytime soon. considering the fact that the amount of homework and the level of difficulty goes up each year.


have fun!


but i feel your pain. i used to get 6-8 hours of hw a night. (including weekends)

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Here are a some of my own tips for doing SCHOOLwork at home. (Why is it called homework when it's not work for the home, but simply schoolwork done at home?)


1. Do a dual sorting of the assignments. First, note the importance of each assignment as it applies to your overall grade. Next, the ease of the assignment.

2. For the assignments that won't make a crap of difference, put those aside.

3. Next, look at the difficult assignments. See if any of them can be broken into steps. For the ones that can't, do those last.

4. Now, alternate back and forth between easy assignments, and the steps for the harder assignments.


The idea is that there is no need to knock yourself out doing the ones that don't really matter (unless you get a chance). Also, if you do the hard ones in smaller steps, then it'll seem easier to do. Also, doing the easy assignments first will knock the 'to-do' list down, so it makes the pile of homework look smaller.


Need to do a book review/report of some sort? Read the questions (if any) and what you will need to include. Then as you read, when you come across something that you need, write down the page number and a quick reference to what it is.


Math? Look at the examples until you are certain that you're figuring them out correctly. Then do the actual problems. Always show your work, because then even if you get the answers wrong, if the teacher sees WHY you got it wrong, they may help you learn it and may even be more kind on the grading if they know that you have learned the material.


Science? Good luck.


History? Internet. Just be sure to verify what you find, since there are very few places on the net that are 100% reliable sources.


Government? Just be anti-bush and no matter the topic, you should get a great grade, unless the person is some sort of demented Bush worshipper. Being serious, Government isn't really that hard overall. It's the details that can get you.


Art? Just fling some paint onto an old TV set and call it something like "Color out of sync".



All in all, sometimes homework is easier than it would first appear. It all comes down to relaxing, sorting, prioritizing and then deprocrastinating.

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You should just keep a log of all the homework for a week, how long it takes you and such, then sit down with them, one at a time, and explain to them that you understand homework is important for your education, but the amount of it is destroying the other part of your growing development, which is your socialization and character development. How can you learn to get along with peers, learn to interact, etc, if all of your time away from school is spent on doing school work?


They'll obviously try to say that you need to better organize your time, at which point you need to tell them that if it takes that long to do the homework, it's going to take that long no matter how you arrange it. An hour is still an hour, and if you have to spend 4 or 5 hours a night doing homework, then it's still 4 or 5 hours.


There should be a maximum load limit on homework that teachers can assign per night and per week, so that students have the chance to grow naturally while still learning.

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