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Source: http://www.insideedition.com/ourstories/pr...spx?storyid=729


Principal And Teacher: Caught On Tape



A shocking video captures a Chicago elementary school principal and a science teacher having hot and heavy private moments. The two and a half hour video was shot on a hidden camera in the principal's office. Neither was aware the camera was there.


Some of the sessions are after hours, but some take place at times when children were in school.


Copies of the video on DVD were mailed anonymously to several parents.


Outraged parents staged a protest at the school Monday. Slogans like, "Keep Our Kids Safe" and "Our Kids Need Your Help" were written on their vehicles.


Both the principal, Leroy Coleman, and the science teacher, Janet Lofton, are married to other people. They have both resigned.


The principal said in a statement: "I want to apologize to my wife of 30 years. I take complete responsibility for my inappropriate acts with a consenting adult."


Who placed the camera in the school principal's office to shoot the video remains a mystery. Whoever it was mailed it just one week before local school board elections.


Incredibly the science teacher isn't the only female member of staff in the video. The principal is also seen hugging and touching a teacher's aide, who has also resigned.


Police have launched an investigation and are trying to determine who put the camera in the principal's office



A hidden camera captured intimate moments between a Chicago elementary school teacher and principal.


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