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okay so,

i had this friend who i was really close to first semester last year. i was pretty much in love with him. anyway, he cheated off of me in class and got caught, and he got in trouble. of course, he took all the blame, but we stopped talking after that, and didn't talk the rest of the year.

i tried on several occasions to make up with him.. i wrote him a note saying even if it was in a couple years i'd still love to hang out with him again.

the last thing i did was near the end of last year (school year, so like aprilish) i wrote him and said if he wanted to make up, to meet me in a certain place at a certain time, knowing that he never went in there. anyway, said day and time rolls around, and what's he do? he walks THROUGH the room. that's not an option! either you come in, or you don't.


that's not what i'm ranting about.

this semester he and i have a class together.

so, all of a sudden, after months and months of not talking (more than half a real year) he starts saying hi to me.

how am i supposed to react to that?

i say hi, of course, but it's so awkward!


sooo, this starts AND THEN i'm walking with some friends last night, and this guy walks up and asks for a cigarette. my friend gives him one, and he tells us we can go inside his house (we were right outside when he stopped us) and get some beer. my other friend really wanted a beer, so she insisted i go inside with her. we go inside.. and up some stairs, and lo and behold there is mr. hi drunk out of his mind with a bunch of his friends. they FREAK OUT that we're taking beer. i very calmly say "she just wants one beer." they give us one beer. we leave. AWKWARD.

so we get back outside and mr. cigarette goes in and gets more beers.

then all the other guys come out, still being pretty mean.

we all decide to go to a party together, STILL AWKWARD as drunk mr. hi isn't talking to me, and i'm sure not talking to him!

so then we ditch them as they walk down some deserted road.

the end.


it's just

tooooo much to think about.

we'll see how class goes tomorrow..

i wonder if he and i will get put in the same lab group =|

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