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I think it's funny how with all the censorship that goes on to try to keep the airwaves clean, that there are some things that manage to slip through and aren't realized until it's far too late. I don't mean the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction". I mean it getting by for hours, days or even weeks. Also if it's right in your face by just barely NOT crossing that fine line to being censored


Starlight Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight

Cool song and you'd think that it's all innocent and just nifty that it sounds like there are planes flying in it, but really.. It's about gettin some nooky. What's really awesome is that it became a hit and was played on the radio before the radio stations realized that it was a song about sex. By then, it was too late - at least, that's what I was told in reference to the radio stations.



Meatloaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Barely 17 and barely dressed in the backseat of a car at night? Sounds like the kind of sophomore year I wanted to have. Oh, yeah, this one isn't quite as discreet about being about sex, but it does let you have some time to realize it before it just blatantly spells it out for you.



Face it, sex sells. It's fun to see fun poked at it in various ways. Like in the Meatloaf song, the girl stops him just as he's about to score and then wants him to declare his love and devotion for her and then when he finally does and he gets his action, he's regretting it. http://www.n-raged.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif

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aaaahahaha.. I read that as "dating" himself.


*hides my 50s Elvis collection*

Ok.. NOW I get the context she meant it in.


"dating" as in labeling with a date, not dating as in going out.


No wonder that confused me and I had to ask her about it.




By the way, if anyone is wondering, I added it so you can include YouTube videos into posts.


Just go to a youtube video that you want to include, and get the video id (it's not that hard to figure out) and then include it inbetween the youtube tags:

[youtube]{video id code here}[/youtube]

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K, well this one isn't about sex lol, but I love the song/video and Tarja's voice (too bad she isn't with Nightwish anymore).


URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/AVKrrIHYMqI



LOL at this next one - I'm not a big fan of SOAD, but this cracked me up the first time I saw it. "Lalalalala"


URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/FlQRDhakXGE

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